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Vancouver Yacht Sales hiring for Yacht Broker position in Vancouver and Vancouver Island

Vancouver Yacht Sales, part of the United City Yachts group, is seeking a highly motivated, experienced Yacht Broker to list and sell yachts in Vancouver and another for Vancouver Island. Each ideal candidate will have experience as a yacht broker, advanced computer/technology skills, and be a highly motivated self-starter.


United City Yachts has been in business for close to a decade and operates as Vancouver Yacht Sales, Toronto Yacht Sales, Kingston Yacht Sales, and Georgian Bay Yacht Sales. We pride ourselves on being of the "new school", utilizing cutting edge strategies and initiatives to drive more sales and give our team the best tools to succeed.


We strongly believe in supporting our brokers, and offer the following:

- Guaranteed weekly pay plus generous commission splits

- Full administrative and technical support

- Online, cloud based CRM and document services

- An extensive, fully paid marketing program for your listings including a number of SEO optimized sites, social media, Google Adwords, boat shows, email campaigns, and much more

- Weekly all-staff telecoms to discuss successes and challenges/solutions

- A designated territory where ALL LEADS (buyers and sellers) are sent directly to YOU

- Robust, in-depth initiatives aimed at getting you listings from different sources

- All print marketing including vehicle wrap, logo clothes, signs, cards, flyers, etc

- Smartphone and all associated costs

- The opportunity to get in on the ground floor, grow the business in your territory and realize massive commission income


Please apply via email using the "contact us" form on this website or by phone. All applications will be kept strictly confidential.


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